I love 1D
Imagine~Zayn~ (Sad)

Imagine you and your boyfriend are bored at home on a rainy day/night. It has been raining all day and it’s now 9:32 PM and still raining. “Hey (Y/N) wanna go for a drive for something to do?” “sure” you say with a cheeky smile. You two walk to the car and Zayn opens the passengers door “here you go love” “thanks Zayn” you reply. As Zayn drives he holds your hand. “I love you Zayn” “i love you two” he says looking at you. Then, the unthinkable happens. Right when the light turned green Zayn started to drive but so did another car with a RED light. He speeded across the intersection and slammed into the drivers side I the car. After about 30 minutes you And Zayn arrive at the hospital. You are placed in the room right across from Zayn’s. You had a broken arm and a lot of cuts. But that was nothing compared to what happened to Zayn. Zayn had a broken leg and arm, a huge gash on his forehead, crushed ribs and a punctured lung. You finally woke up after about 20 minutes. A nurse was sitting in the chair beside you. “it’s alright (Y/N), your going to be fine it’s just a broken arm and some minor cuts.” “where’s Zayn?” you ask. “well he is in the operation room”“what? Why? What happened to him?” “well he has a broken arm and leg, a gash in his forehead, crushed ribs and a punctured lung.” “oh my god! Is he going to be okay!?” you say with tears streaming down your face. “only time can tell” she replies before walking out of the room. “wait!” you called you. “yes?” she said peeking her head in. “how much longer till he’s out of the operating room?” “about another half hour” then she left. You just say there crying your heart out or the next ten minutes until Harry Liam Niall and Louis walked in. “(Y/N)!!!” they yelled. “oh my god guys you don’t know how happy I am to see you!!!” “how’s Zayn” Liam said. “well… he has a broken arm and leg, a gash in his forehead, crushed ribs and a punctured lung” you start to cry more as you tell them. They just sit there in silence then start hugging you and holding your to help comfort you. After about 20 minutes a doctor walked in. You and the boys looked up with tears in your eyes. “Mrs.Benton” “yes” “I am very sorry but Zayn did not make it threw the surgery, there was just to much damage to his internal organs. I’m very sorry for your loss…” you just started screaming and crying, the boys just huddled around you crying and trying to make you calm down. The doctor just left the room. later that night the boys brought you home. And stayed with you as long as you wanted them to. They told management and they cancelled every tour and told them to take year off. You an the boys were a RECK but you were definitely the worst. Zayn’s death was all over the news channels which didn’t help you guys. Every time you or the one of the boys went out to get some food or something to do you were SWARMED with the press. You would only move if you wanted to talk to one of the boys, needed to go to the bathroom, or needed something to eat. You cried yourself to sleep every night and had dreams of Zayn being with you. “(Y/N)?” Liam said entering the room you just groaned “I really want to talk to you” so you rolled over to face him “sure Liam we can talk” “I can’t do this (Y/N). I mean I know you have it the worst but I was the closest to him in the group” he started to tear up “I… I… I just.. Can’t do it anymore” “Liam I know exactly how you feel. It feels like there is a hole in my heart. I loved him and now he s gone just like that. Every dream I have is about us being together and being as happy as ever and then some one ruins it at the end, then I wake up crying more an more every time” Liam hugged you then looked in your eyes “(Y/N) I never knew it was this hard for you…” he hugged you again. You cried into his shoulder for what seemed like forever. Then he laid down with you and you fell asleep in his arms. *6 months later* “(Y/N) it’s time to go to the interview!” Liam called “Comming!” you replied. You arrived at the interview and took your seat.
Interviewer: so (Y/N) how are you taking it now? Like with Zayn gone
You: well I have moved on but he still is and always will be the love of my life.
Interviewer: what about you and Liam?
Liam: I still miss my bestfriend but I have “moved on” to
Interviewer: so Liam how do you feel about (Y/N) saying that Zayn is and always will be the love if her life?
Liam: Well I personal agree that he is and always will be the love of her life. And I trust that she still loves me to and I also think that it’s perfectly normal
You: I love Liam and I’m so happy we’re together. He has helped me a lot with the loss of Zayn and I love him. Nothing will change that.
Interviewer: well you two have a very strong relationship. Well that’s all the time we have for today see ya latter (:
“well that was fun” you said “haha yea… So what do you want to do now ? It’s raining so there isn’t much. How about a drive?” you instantly got flask back… You screamed in horror when you remembered when the car hit you two and then you remembered the doctors exact words telling you that Zayn didn’t make it, and the feeling of void that filled you when he told you. You were on the ground crying an Liam was holding you “(Y/N)!! (Y/N)!!!!!” eventually you can back from the flash back “(Y/N) are you alright!? What’s wrong!?” “I..I..I..had a flash back, of that” you passed and started to cry harder “of that night when we got hit by that stupid car that ruined everything and the doctors words that changed my life and the feeling I got when he told us” “(Y/N) your going to be fine you have me… I know it’s going to be hard but I am here. Whenever you want to talk whenever you need my I’m right here” “the worst part is that, I never even got to say goodbye. The last thing I said to him was I love you. I mean that’s a good thing but I just wish I was with him when one last time to tell him how much he meant to me” “don’t worry we can just stay in and talk all night or watch toy story. What ever you like I will give it to you” You guys just sat there all night talking and then by the end he got your mind off of Zayn and he was tickling you. You stayed with Liam or the rest of our life, One Direction was no more but you an the boys always made time to see watch other. The End ❤